Lake Tisza attractions

The 7 best attractions near Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza is the youngest and second largest lake of Hungary, which is actually an artificial lake, officially called Kisköre Reservoir. In terms of size, it is five times larger than Lake Velence, but it is only one-fifth compared to Lake Balaton. Over the years, it has become a special natural treasure, where multitude of unseen wildlife and exceptional plants have appeared. The lake itself is a stunning sight for visitors, but there are many other attractions in the area worth to explore. In our article, we show you the most significant sights and attractions of Lake Tisza.

ake tisza attractions Nature trail on the Lake Tisza

Nature trail on the Lake Tisza (credit: Pxfuel)

2. Sightseeing near Lake Tisza: Lake Tisza Ecocenter

„The Church of Nature” – this is how the Lake Tisza Ecocenter is mentioned, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. Not only Hungarian, but also foreign tourists are interested in the Ecocenter, as it is the home of the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. In the grandiose building, which also symbolizes a landing swan, allfish species of Lake Tisza and the Tisza river can be admired at 2600 m2.

„The island of ecotourism” offers an entertaining program for young and old alike, where you can pet fallow deer, see pelicans and golden jackals also. Visitors can enjoy otter feeding and go up to the 7 meter high lookout tower, from where the entire Poroszló Basin, and in good weather the Mátra and the Bükk also can be seen.

lake tisza tortoise ecocenter

Tortoise in the Lake Tisza Ecocenter (credit: Pxfuel)

lake tisza bird reserve

A part of the Lake Tisza Bird Reserve (credit: Pxfuel)

lake tisza karcag windmill

The windmill in Karcag in an archive picture (credit: Fortepan)

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