Quality policy

The purpose of the management of OUTLET HOTEL**** is to offer reliable and high quality services and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and guests during the hotel services we provide now and in the future.

To achieve this objective:

  • we perform regular audits in all areas of our business activity, and adjust the frequency of our audits, if necessary;
  • we investigate the customer complaints and reduce the number of complaints;
  • we provide high quality services to our customers;
  • we continuously increase the knowledge and expertise of our employees;
  • we select our suppliers carefully, assess their activities based on their self-evaluation and experience, and include their suggestions for improvement into our system, if possible;
  • we review our quality policy and quality system periodically, and update them according to the specifics of our projects, as well as to the expectations and regulations.

In order to achieve uniform quality, the management encourages the colleagues:

  • to be thorough in their work and demand greatest effort from themselves;
  • to read the quality policy and become familiar with it;
  • to constantly increase their knowledge and expertise.

OUTLET HOTEL **** operates a comprehensive quality management system that meets the requirements of the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015, and aims to strengthen its position on the market through the continuous development and maintenance of this quality management system.

The management is committed to and plays an active role in the operation and development of the quality management system, and expects this commitment from all of its employees.


It is the expectation of the owner, our partners, and especially of the guests, the authorities, the general public and the employees to contribute to sustainable development through the economical use of the elements of the environment and through the minimization of the environmental impact during the creation and operation of the processes of the hotel’s services, and during the connected activities.

The current goal of the organization is to contribute to a better quality of life and to a cleaner environment. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of OUTLET HOTEL **** is to preserve the environment, and to create and continuously develop the environmental approach.

OUTLET HOTEL**** operates a comprehensive

environment-centred management system

that complies with the requirements of standard MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015,

which is connected to and contains common elements with the quality management system.

While we set targets for the protection of the environment and take measures to achieve them, we consider the legal requirements which allow the continuous measurement, assessment and reduction of the environmental risks and the adverse effects.

We commit ourselves to comply with the applicable laws, standards, and authority regulations, and eliminate any contamination caused in the past.

Our important task is to ensure that processes which can be followed easily are formulated, and material and energy saving, continuous environmental hygiene, cleanliness and order are reflected as constant aspects in our work.

While selecting our suppliers, we consider the fulfilment of the environmental requirements. We provide all of our employees with the information they need to assess the environmental impact of their work.

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