Team building

Looking for the perfect team building location? Look no further: the clean-looking, modern-style event hall of the Borgar Outlet Hotel will satisfy all your needs during the event!

Team building location for companies in Polgár

The facilities of our hotel are ideal for both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies. We await our visitors with high-quality technical equipment, a comfortable environment and entertainment opportunities - ask us for your customized offer!

Team building location at the Outlet Hotel - learning and fun in one place

As many companies, as many different team builders. There are places where the emphasis is more on development, there are places where the goal is specifically to have fun and a shared experience, and there are places where they try to combine the two. Regardless of which category your company belongs to, you will find it at the Outlet Hotel: whatever the program, our equipped conference room, wellness department and restaurant provide an ideal location.

Team building training venue: get to know our versatile conference room!

Our hotel's conference room is 100 square meters in size, which is the optimal size for organizing small and large events. Its capacity is 70 people, but it is also a great choice for events of 15-50 people. The rows of chairs in the room can be easily transformed to meet the needs of the current event. We usually recommend the U-shape for smaller numbers of people, and the traditional row arrangement for larger team building. Here, learning also takes place in a pleasant environment: the large windows let in a lot of natural light, and the room also has a terrace, which is a great place to enjoy a coffee break.


  • Size: 100 m2
  • Maximum capacity: 70 people
  • Width: 8,25 m
  • Length: 11,7 m
  • Inner height: 2,7 m
  • Terrace, foyer
  • Large windows
  • Natural light

Technical equipment

Lectures and trainings are now unimaginable without multimedia devices: it is essential to have a high-quality projector, a clearly visible projector, stable WiFi and sound system. In addition to these, at the Outlet Hotel we have thought of everything you might need during a training session: see our detailed equipment list!

Technical equipment

  • Projector with screen and stand
  • Flipchart board
  • Pulpit
  • Microphone
  • Sound techniques
  • WI-FI
  • Extension cords

Our staff provides assistance in everything

Of course, you don't have to manage the above: our hotel staff has extensive experience in event assistance. It is natural that we serve and provide hospitality - but you can also entrust the commissioning of the technical equipment to our team. From setting up the projector to ensuring the connectivity of the devices, we take care of everything - you just have to focus on the team builder!

Are you interested in the team building location provided by the Outlet Hotel? Contact us!

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